RPG meme [Hollow Knight]

  • Mini the game guy
    Mini the game guy

    Little ghost: *I may be small be small, but I can kill you and whatever God you worship*

  • The End Dancer
    The End Dancer

    Vessel don't wanna hear no one lol

  • Dontheconartist


  • Star Shooter
    Star Shooter

    Zote is like all might, extremely weak in his base form bust he somehow manages to become extremely strong just to kick your ass

  • Large Anonymous Mug
    Large Anonymous Mug

    I'm... Still... Suffering... On the delicate flower quest...

  • elaxel


  • Been Man
    Been Man

    0:38 hol up… the hollow knight is Joseph?

  • Nixon Smith
    Nixon Smith

    Same. same. I Actually built a lace boss fight, (I did done the coding) because I is impatient.

  • Dragon TV
    Dragon TV

    "git gud"

  • Parsifal Kitty
    Parsifal Kitty

    I literally clicked the channel and was taken to see Hog hunt. Immediately went back and sure enough it was created by one of most renowened upcomin artist.

  • Kyle Noire
    Kyle Noire

    git gud

  • Task_Failer

    Zote being looked down upon by everyone is my new favorite thing

  • Nyrve

    2 years ago.

  • David Bost
    David Bost

    I should really finish this game someday.

    • Mikayla Chua
      Mikayla Chua

      Its been a month since I started, I never defeated false knight, but I know le lore ;-;

  • Nexus Games
    Nexus Games

    I don't know why but I will always be watching this '~'

  • KennyShin

    Didn't know sadist made this, cool

  • 404

    zote is best boi

  • Sonicsupergamer and Friends
    Sonicsupergamer and Friends

    Has been 2 years but I still love it

  • Dominos

    I remember watching this video before actually watching the game... Not understanding anything in this video... But then I come back... I u n d e r s t a n d

  • issy Ryan
    issy Ryan

    All of those characters people would want as there children

  • Ghost in a Jacket
    Ghost in a Jacket

    Coming from the future, silksong is yet to be out

  • Nobody

    Bruh y’all need to hit gud

    • Nobody

      That’s a joke look at my name

  • BIFA

    10/10 Good animation + Good ideas

  • Francisco Jesus Landa Bianchi
    Francisco Jesus Landa Bianchi

    0:48 zuttaaaaaa

  • Валентина Фокина
    Валентина Фокина

    (◡ ω ◡)(◡ ω ◡)

  • Andrew Thornton
    Andrew Thornton

    try listening to it at .5 speed

  • RoweDog 247
    RoweDog 247


  • Bongo Fett
    Bongo Fett


  • 【lofi】

    Everyone's watching SAD-ist for the DSMP content I found SAD-ist years ago, and they got me into Hollow Knight lmao

  • Some Weeb In the Comment Section
    Some Weeb In the Comment Section

    this makes me feel happiness unknown to man

  • Still Incompetent
    Still Incompetent

    “File not found” oh we dying inside today? Ight, I didn’t realise that was on the schedule but I can make space for it.

    • AetherLynx


  • Кити Art
    Кити Art

    Does anyone know what the characters are saying? I can't find the translation

  • João Pedro Diniz
    João Pedro Diniz

    Dude, that's just... Perfect...

  • Elwin zhang
    Elwin zhang

    W O W love it!

  • Koble

    That's insane wow

  • Марія Хомич
    Марія Хомич

    Мне нравитса персонаж сосуд... , _,

  • The Experience
    The Experience

    2 years later, im here from youtube recommend

  • Brite_alb Gaming
    Brite_alb Gaming

    I never realized that this was created by you (SAD-its) and I’m surprised I saw this in my recommended “For years your machinations left undetected” (reference)

  • Morgana Melacca
    Morgana Melacca

    * waiting to finish the game just to understand this meme *

  • JackandNate Howe
    JackandNate Howe

    still waiting for silksong in 2021

  • issy Ryan
    issy Ryan

    Hello just bet PV

  • karstsn gaming
    karstsn gaming

    Giet guod

  • sam m
    sam m

    my little brother wants me to ask the internet what the lyrics of this are can someone pls tell him 🙏

  • Hasan Ahmed
    Hasan Ahmed

    The funny thing i watched this video before playing hollow knight, and the game looked very nice designed, so i decided to play it and accidentally finish the game with 107% And this video came back in my recommendations page and finally i understood every thing in the video and it's a masterpiece both the video and the game :D.

  • minefish

    I remember this, it's been forever since last time i saw this

  • Jack258

    How di I only just find out this was SADIST? XD

  • Alexios

    Есть русские, или я один такой?

  • JameksonX

    This is fire

  • Rylai Bactad
    Rylai Bactad

    Why is ur old videos good too 😰😰

  • Alexander Neon
    Alexander Neon

    Of course this was made by SAD-ist

  • JameksonX

    I can’t tell if the lyrics are an actual language or the f it’s just gibberish

  • Smiling Parrot
    Smiling Parrot

    why does it sound like zote's saying "infinity imposter"

  • The Bendable
    The Bendable

    Me: notices the word sad-ist Me again: it’s my favorite game Finally me: likes video

  • No Zer-0
    No Zer-0

    God I saw this years ago and loved it just as an animation product, but now that I’ve 112% completed the game… _This is so much better._

  • lyndsey beardsmore
    lyndsey beardsmore

    Yeah cool but do i get to unlock nosk as a playable character?

  • HustleBum

    I love how Pure is just too damn big.

  • Rabbit

    this shit made me smile

  • Black Flame
    Black Flame

    Only real Hollow knight fans will understand

  • isrre X3
    isrre X3

    Does anyone know the lyrics in Spanish?

  • r o s e
    r o s e

    Fun fact: this is what had gotten me interested in the game. And now that I come back it just makes sense.

  • yodamano454


  • Slimera

    I see you stumbled into my recommendations! Figures I watch a lot of hollow knight

  • Mebo

    What’s The Deal with Zote the Mighty, A Knight of Great Renown?

  • Aiden Poirier
    Aiden Poirier

    I'm glad sad-ist it's finally getting the respect she deserves

  • ℸ ̣⋮𝙹⍑
    ℸ ̣⋮𝙹⍑

    Grey Prince Zote op

  • kostas 1391
    kostas 1391

    This game is awasome and the animation is amazing

  • Infernal Zarax
    Infernal Zarax

    Wait this was done by sadist? I forgot lol

  • SleepyIdiot

    0ut it on 0.25x speed and its creepy as heck

  • keadrobot1234 ML
    keadrobot1234 ML

    The first meme i see so normal, this is what it should be, no something extrange or furry, only something like THIS

  • Sophie P
    Sophie P

    This animation was the moment SAD-ist transitioned into godhood

  • Pinguli PG
    Pinguli PG

    Buenarda la animacion

  • Insert name here Insert last name here
    Insert name here Insert last name here

    "Im just here waiting for silksong..." Oh jeez,

  • Queares

    I remember seeing these hollow knight animations and memes forever ago by you, so I subbed but then my account was like haha that’s not ur password and i had to make a new account, I forgot about you then, and then u did dsmp and I went back through ur content and I was like wait no way

  • {(zhano notfound)}
    {(zhano notfound)}

    I finally found this I see the first intro on discord gif but I try to search it how am I not realise its from sad-ist

  • Diane Jones
    Diane Jones

    Interesting, No, Nevermind. Not interesting.. (*Casually sets it on loop*)

  • *Burning Intensifies*
    *Burning Intensifies*

    someone needs to loop the beginning part

  • H

    Now that sadist is a big youtuber i see there old videos i saw a while ago and am just like “WHAAAA YOU MADE THIS”

  • Gunther Roman
    Gunther Roman

    fua mano quede :0

  • Cherry

    Hi, I just wanted to say I've been loving your minecraft stuff and only recently found your Hollow Knight art. It would make me overjoyed if you ever decided to come back to this and animate the bug boys again, your style is professional and lovely

  • idk bro
    idk bro

    sounds like me my first time playing the game saying no to every challenge

  • Hollow Knight
    Hollow Knight

    I love tahat Grey princ zote is ,,the strongest"...

  • BlogerMan

    зот имба

  • Lycan's Place
    Lycan's Place

    Someone help me I can't stop watching this

  • Chip.

    Where is elderbug.

  • Solitario

    "Give him hugs pls" - I'm crying TT

  • Luka Stojanović
    Luka Stojanović

    this video makes much more sense after playing hollow knight

  • Wil.entity

    This video inspired me to not only play Hollow Knight but also learn to animate. This video has always inspired my style in animation despite it being horrible. Thank you for making the video that inspired my passion.

  • ThePhantomWolf

    My favorite things about this: git gud b u z z s a w s Zote The whole thing, actually

  • OrangeSmoothie

    Nice touch where you changed them into their "corrupted for- HOLY F*** WHAT DID YOU DO TO QUIRREL

  • bloodflow


  • soba Boba
    soba Boba


  • Bee🌸

    Git gud

  • Newsie attack
    Newsie attack


  • Alex Cool
    Alex Cool

    Это уже анимэ какое-то

  • Константин Соловьев
    Константин Соловьев

    "ууууууу сайд-квесты бл#*@". ©Тот Самый Келин

  • Bulbasaur Plush
    Bulbasaur Plush

    RPG- Role Play Good or Role Play Gay

  • Nadine Ramiso
    Nadine Ramiso

    I just want to say, Sad-ist, you’ve been a really big inspiration to me and I love all your work ❤️. I hope you succeed further into your career like you’ve helped me develop my personal projects 😊

  • RantaroWasHere /FB
    RantaroWasHere /FB

    Is it weird that this was my first exposure to this game?

  • iiPaKzeK _
    iiPaKzeK _

    Yo i just realized that is sad ist

  • oAbsol

    I love how I can relate to everything in this

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