Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]

  • JaguarYT

    Me who thought Tubbo and tommy were the same size:Bruh

    • Sophie M
      Sophie M

      Tommy’s 6’2 and tubbos 5’6 so it’s quite a big difference

  • Mr. Kermit 0.0
    Mr. Kermit 0.0

    I’ve already watched this 20 times and I’m up for watching it 20 more❤️❤️

  • yanhua buller
    yanhua buller

    My name is Evelyn

  • Kenny Dyvelkov
    Kenny Dyvelkov

    R.I.P jan 2021

  • Dog Dream
    Dog Dream

    ok but why is this my favorite dream smp sadist animaion

  • Madeleine Kusnadi
    Madeleine Kusnadi

    at 0:35 it sounds like techno a little


    playing this in 1.25 speed makes it so much better

  • Nutella ToastGirl
    Nutella ToastGirl

    Didn't Tommy comment here?

  • blobby


  • TofuTheTapir

    I love thisss sooooo much

  • Themightypotatoducklord

    Why have I watched this like 100000000 times and it still is amazing

  • Ripoff rat
    Ripoff rat

    Basically a fight between two boys who would ask their moms: “mommy can I go to a sleep over at turbo/Tommy’s house?” Then the fight for which house to go to started.

  • F a c e
    F a c e

    Now everytime I hear this song I ended up crying-

  • Maggie O'Connell
    Maggie O'Connell

    them: it's just an animatic don't cry! the animatic:

  • Jocy Cas
    Jocy Cas


  • Red Robin
    Red Robin

    i *LOVE* this

  • Cathee Roslovtsev
    Cathee Roslovtsev

    Woah this has more views than the actual Evelyn Evelyn music video

  • •Farrah Evangeline Anggun•
    •Farrah Evangeline Anggun•

    The tittle is my mom name

  • {~•Zyst•~}

    Tommy: If Tubbo touched me in real life I'd smack him Also Tommy: [pushes Tubbo off of the chair after fighting about the piano]

  • Bee Flower
    Bee Flower

    0:51 why did this part have to sound so close to tubbo THAT HURT 🤭

  • Ken.V_1602

    just cried, feeling miserable

  • tzar kormeister
    tzar kormeister

    I absolutely love this song so much! :)

  • Moreno Alvarez Allison Anouk 2IV13
    Moreno Alvarez Allison Anouk 2IV13


  • Charlee Havens
    Charlee Havens

    someone tell me why im s^mping over an animation

    • ꧁ clcl8 ꧂
      ꧁ clcl8 ꧂

      The art style is just to good sadist good animator

  • Isabelliaxㅛㅅ

    THIS IS FRIDGING AMAZING! This animatic if perfect for them 😭😭

  • Michelle_doll_


  • Evelyn Ondo
    Evelyn Ondo

    My name is Evelyn and I randomly found this. cool.

  • HellBounded_Wolf

    Lol No one said anything about how Schlatt has a grip on Tubbo. If you pause at 0:30

  • GalaxyRae

    I love this song and apparently this song ishow everybody knows this song.

  • LuV1Xx•


  • Helen Jiang
    Helen Jiang

    Me with my headphones because i was just watching a video with my dad watching a movie: oh I should watch this again! *Read More*

  • Name Name
    Name Name

    I like dis

  • SW4RM

    tommy be lookin chubby

  • WillowwPlayz

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful just Beautiful

  • Beatrice Tennant
    Beatrice Tennant

    how the frick did i cry while watching this, sad-ist you make great work and i applaud you.

  • King duck🦆💧
    King duck🦆💧


  • Boop Boop
    Boop Boop

    a cool detail is when the lyrics say "I fell somethings missing" i shows both of them Tommy is holding where Dreams Mask would be Tubbo is holding where Schlatts horns would be

  • rac00n

    I found and loved this song cus of you, SAD-ist. 💕

  • Abdelkader Bahri
    Abdelkader Bahri


  • ImJetsu12

    Holy god

  • William Wittek
    William Wittek


  • CrystalCloudC


  • sans the animator
    sans the animator

    I saw a comment of this before but i couldn't find it, so im just gonna write it here The part where tubbo put his hands on his head is where his horns grew, meaning schlatt has control over him The part where tommy put his hands on his face, which is where dream's mask is, means dream has control over him

    • Boop Boop
      Boop Boop

      they dont have "control" over them it just represents who theyre starting to be more like, Tubbo started acting like schlatt, and tommy started acting more like Dream

  • Mostpeopleget mynamewrong
    Mostpeopleget mynamewrong

    This gives off "good 4 u" vibes

  • pondlets

    0:50 - tubbo 1:07 - tommy and no one can say otherwise

  • Pilot Galaxy
    Pilot Galaxy

    Theory: Since the original song of Evelyn Evelyn is about conjoined twins and about how they are stuck, maybe tubbo and tommyinit are like the twins. They needed some time apart after being so close.

  • Arisien

    everyone else on the server in the background: :|


    This song can only fit 2 certain pairs of people- Tommy + Tubbo Adora + Catra

  • Stall

    What do you use to animate

  • ilman Torabinotash
    ilman Torabinotash


  • Hanna Dąbrowska
    Hanna Dąbrowska


  • Dream killer548
    Dream killer548

    I want sad-ist to teach me to animate that would be a dream

  • The pond fisherman
    The pond fisherman

    Dayum that music what frickin amazin

    • The pond fisherman
      The pond fisherman

      @Big Crime yup

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      It's called "Evelyn Evelyn" it's an amazing song about conjoined twins but the lyrics also fit this situation of best friends who had a falling out.

  • GhxstTurbo

    when Tubbo says "Looking in your eyes, I'm coming home" when he says home it fits perfectly with the animation and the tune

  • reaper yt
    reaper yt

    Part 2?

  • Abby


  • Subject 11
    Subject 11

    What drama teachers expect:

  • Artsy Freak
    Artsy Freak

    What app do you use to animate?

  • Gacha___mcyt___fan

    When they said why wont you leave me alone make me get a chill

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      Fun fact: Tommy says "Why won't you leave me alone" and Tubbo says "Why can't we just get along".

  • Evelyn Koros
    Evelyn Koros

    My name is evelyn :)

  • Eduardo animation yt
    Eduardo animation yt

    Very good vídeo,good vídeo sadisr

  • marte

    I'm crying.

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      Fun fact: Tommy says "Why won't you leave me alone" and Tubbo says "Why can't we just get along".

  • Manjiree Singh
    Manjiree Singh

    The saddest thing you've ever seen

    • Manjiree Singh
      Manjiree Singh

      @Big Crime Just as Tommy said, " i never wanted this.' i'm also referring to what context are you referring to?

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      Fun fact: Tommy says "Why won't you leave me alone" and Tubbo says "Why can't we just get along".

  • Mantha Ray Simp
    Mantha Ray Simp

    Does Gaynes Exist in The dream smp

    • Boop Boop
      Boop Boop

      @Mantha Ray Simp well that makes sense y'know the whole not having friends part not the other one

    • Mantha Ray Simp
      Mantha Ray Simp

      Idk I dont have friends

    • Cuppish_

      @Mantha Ray Simp Friends can't cry together?

    • Mantha Ray Simp
      Mantha Ray Simp

      Them Holding Hands And Crying Together Kinda Gay bro

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      They aren't gay, just best friends who went through quite a rough patch

  • Nik

    0:49 Is it just me or does that actually sound a little bit like tubbo

  • Meyshele san
    Meyshele san

    Idk why ur editing is good

  • Kadeustra

    The thumbnail: When Dadza drives past MCdonals

  • Angela Guillen
    Angela Guillen

    0:48 this part sounds like tubbo and tommy

  • Cyber Tempest
    Cyber Tempest

    It’s amazing how much power dream has it will be chaos if he escapes

  • Knowledge Volt
    Knowledge Volt

    0:40 best scene

  • Adrenalinpog

    i love how at the end tubbo is the one who looks more angry and frustrated meanwhile tommy looks surprised and regretful like he didn't expect tubbo to actually stand up for himself

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      Fun fact: Tommy says "Why won't you leave me alone" and Tubbo says "Why can't we just get along".

  • •Dreamspaced• 1
    •Dreamspaced• 1

    I can't stop watching this..It's so detailed, And not to mention I love this song, It's amazing, Your such a good artist you really capture the emotions And expressions,

  • DeltaSky Mystic
    DeltaSky Mystic

    I wish I had this talent

  • Maeve Moran
    Maeve Moran

    This is my favorite animation. It’s so emotional and Tommy and tubbo sound broken

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      Fun fact: Tommy says "Why won't you leave me alone" and Tubbo says "Why can't we just get along".

  • yanhua buller
    yanhua buller

    It’s what happened and it’s so sad

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      Fun fact: Tommy says "Why won't you leave me alone" and Tubbo says "Why can't we just get along".

  • ᶜ ʰ ˡ ᵒ ᵉ
    ᶜ ʰ ˡ ᵒ ᵉ

    hits hard now that ranboo is married to tubbo

  • Ellie Deniece
    Ellie Deniece

    For some reason theyre voice's fit so much

  • vyrto

    pls say you're going to pay my therapy

  • Cj The Pro
    Cj The Pro

    this is funny. and sad

  • Vvvvrzl

    Lyrics: "we grew up.. So very close.. A parasite needs a host..- i'm only trying to do what is best for us!- well, i never asked for this! I never wanted this!- All that i want is some time to myself!..- looking in your eyes.. I'm coming h-ome.- Just get away from me! PLEASE, just stop touching me! Your always trying to be somebody else!- Now i realize, i am not a-lone- WELL, you're only scared of me!.. But you never cared for me!..- Why! Don't you let me free? 'Cause you never dare to be! -Tommy & Tubbo- 'Cause you never listen You're always insisting- Tubbo: i'm just reminiscing. Tommy: Just stop reminiscing -Tommy & Tubbo- i feel something missing.. Tubbo: i just want you here with me! Tommy: i just want my privacy! Tubbo: God, can't we just get along!? Tommy: God, why won't you leave me alone?! -end-

  • i hatched eggs
    i hatched eggs


  • schlattandjambo

    i sing this to my friend every time we’re in a fight, man i cry every time.

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      @schlattandjambo Because that would annoying as fuck and cause me to cringe to high hell... don;t take this personally but if you started just singing to me every time we fought I would think you were a total loser and stop talking to you. I don;t know your friend so maybe he likes it, but I'm gonna be honest with you, it's extremely crungeworthy to others.

    • schlattandjambo

      @Big Crime i don’t

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      If you sing this to your friend repeatdedly then I understand why he always argues with you

  • Ebbi

    As someone who is named Evelyn, I love this animatic (tho actually it’s really good)

  • cami

    OK first of all you know it’s tubbo if he has the BIG EYES👁👁

  • tree tree
    tree tree

    i read comments comments are cool why are the viewers so smart they have a sense of humor i dont WHY

  • ACreativeLemurIsBACK

    Way to ruin one of the most creative and emotional albums of the early 2000s with your awful fandom. Stop watching this and listen to the original album

    • Boop Boop
      Boop Boop

      @ACreativeLemurIsBACK just let them do what they want, no one is forcing you to be a part of this fandom and frankly we dont want you here

    • Red Apple
      Red Apple

      @ACreativeLemurIsBACK It's honestly up to them. I don't care much, I just love the story. I get what you're trying to get across but telling that a person "ruined" the album is too far, and pretty false too.

    • ACreativeLemurIsBACK

      @Red Apple I mean, I just wish people could get interested in the original story. Associating it with arguably one of the worst fandoms of recent times just kinda... idk.

    • Red Apple
      Red Apple

      @ACreativeLemurIsBACK Besides, this stuff happens in nearly all fandoms. You make something with a product someone else made, and your fans will flock to that product and talk about it. Sure, it's annoying to see people saying "Like this if you came from _____" but that doesn't ruin a single fucking thing about the subject. It's not like the content creators removed or forgot the meaning of the products they used, they simply enjoyed it so they use it. This animator didn't ruin anything and so did other content creators in the same situation. Get off your high horse, sir/ma'am. You're not making an impact if you tell someone they ruined your beloved interest.

    • ACreativeLemurIsBACK

      @Red Apple wtf I’m not trolling. I did leave a comment on my old account before I deleted it though. But how do you go from a story about two conjoined twins being exploited and abused and finding work with 2 famous musicians to this

  • Patrick Dona
    Patrick Dona

    I’m sad that some of the dream SMP members, specifically tommy and tubbo didn’t react to this. it’s a really cool animatic

    • Patrick Dona
      Patrick Dona

      @Big Crime thanks for the explanation, I dont have twitch so my information is limited to what others post on HRless

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      @Patrick Dona They've both scene it, Tommy said that he and Tubbo both watched it on thier own time. They just didn't do it on stream.

    • Patrick Dona
      Patrick Dona

      @Red Apple of course the members know sadist but I kinda wished tommy and tubbo both watched this because it would be cool

    • Red Apple
      Red Apple

      The Dream SMP members know SAD-ist. It's not a big deal.

    • Azriel Waloni
      Azriel Waloni

      tommy has seen this not sure about tubbo

  • TheMulkster

    why doesnt this have a mil likes?

    • Big Crime
      Big Crime

      ur mum gae

  • Melanie Anderson
    Melanie Anderson

    I didnt realize that this was of Tommy's exile and his and Tubbo's argument on it until someone else pointed it out- Lmao-

  • ranboosparkle

    ive seen so many pinterest memes from this

  • I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright
    I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright

    Oh damnn

  • ☆sleepibeari☆

    I know the original version of this song, but I like this one better… h a h ?

  • Dabi Takami
    Dabi Takami

    Me wondering if Tommy would bite Tubbo: 😯

  • Celestia Riddle
    Celestia Riddle

    Tommy might have been a bad influence, been loud and annoying but he was never a bad person or friend. He gave up everything for other people, only to be betrayed. Really shows that the saying "Treat people like you want ti be treated" was never true. I have never seen anybody talk about this scene: When Tubbo and Tommy were fighting Dream, Dream planted a fake disc. Tommy picked it up of course, thinking it was real. Dream, being a manipulative bastard played around with Tommy. He said he would kill Tubbo if Tommy didn't give the disc. Tommy still thought it was real, and gave it up. It shows Tommy thought Tubbo was worth more then the discs. He gave up so much for Tubbo, and Tubbo exiled him. But he still went back for Tubbo. He gave up what he thought was the real disc for Tubbo. But nobody ever appreciates the scene...I mean Tommy died, and came back to see his best friend moved on so easily, didn't even grieve. ♥

    • Celestia Riddle
      Celestia Riddle

      @Boop Boop Oops sorry I meant "To be"

    • Boop Boop
      Boop Boop

      who is Tonbe?

  • [•Lemonade_Light•]


  • Editzz

    The energy in that though... Wow

  • Junior2dn

    I just want you to know I have watched this more times that I have watched manhunt videos

  • noot king has risen
    noot king has risen

    watching these animatics without knowing anything is just terrifying because i'm seeing people in the comments taking about c!tommy's death and exile and how the reason c!schlatt was stood behind c!tubbo when he said "looking in your eyes, i'm coming home" is a way of representing the way he's starting to act more and more like c!schlatt (who's a dictator as far as im aware) and its just _messing_ with me because WHAT DO YOU _MEAN_ *_TOMMY DIES?!_* like knowing about and seeing wilbur's death in the "dawn of the 16th" animatic already fcked me up, i didn't think *this* would happen 😭

  • Rain Megami
    Rain Megami

    Wait does tommy actually have braces?

    • Just a person lol
      Just a person lol

      Yes but he removed them after this animatic was made